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Paper Soap - Travel Soap with Cinnamon and Tea Tree and Coconut Oil- Fire Dancer Fragrance

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  • Your Own Little Tin of One Use Soap Slivers
  • Rustic Curls and Crumbles Packed with Lather
  • Clean Tea Tree and Warm Cinnamon Essential Oils


Slip this little tin into your purse for a travel soap experience that is fancy and fun. Paper thin curls and crumbles of soap, made just enough for one use each. So much better than the harsh cheap soap found in many public bathrooms. Never get caught out and about without a soap you like!

Our Fire Dancer blend is fresh, soul soothing, and simple. Like sipping a cold one by the fire and letting the day’s battles slip away into the flames. The music is flowing, and the wood is stacked up. A few of your best gals by your side, it's all you need to make life feel a little bit sweeter.

Fire Dancer is a blend of tea tree and cinnamon. Clean and a bit spicy - it’s all ya might need to wash your worries away.