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Bath Bomb Gift Set - Made with Coconut Oil and Essential Oil

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Three bombs are better than one! Try all three of our scents and make that bath tub of yours a place where things feel exciting again. 

Moonsong Bath Bomb

  • Lavender, Clove and Patchouli

Seductive and heady like an exotic perfume.  Howl at the moon, and dream of letting your soul venture out into the wild. Soak up that moonshine and let it fill you with wonder and creative energy. Moonsong washes over you in a blend of lavender, clove and patchouli. A whole scent that is so much more than each of the pieces. Like a little splash of Alchemy just bestowed it’s gifts upon you.

Fire Dancer Bath Bomb

  • Tea Tree and Cinnamon

Fresh, soul soothing, and simple. Like sipping a cold one by the fire and letting the day’s battles slip away into the flames. The music is flowing, and the wood is stacked up. A few of your best gals by your side, is all you need to make life feel a little bit sweeter. Fire Dancer is a blend of tea tree and cinnamon. Clean and a bit spicy - it’s all ya might need to wash your worries away. 

Stargazer Bath Bomb

  • Crisp Scent Made of Pure Lemongrass

Shine on baby! Twinkle and spread your love to those around you. I wish I may, I wish I might think of the things in life that just feel right. A celebration of the zest and zeal that make us all crave a night under the stars. Stargazer is a clean and crisp scent made of pure lemongrass. Simple and bright. Perfect for a morning shower or to put a little pep in your step.