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Let's Toss Some Fun Into That Bath of Yours.


Handmade Artisan Suds Made in RVA


For strong and fun loving gals who love the call of the wild, our natural bath luxuries will breath some fresh air into your daily routines. Because life is too short to just plod along to that "ho- hum" tune. 

I am Leslie Arthur, and we're a home-based Richmond, VA bath products company owned and operated by women.  When your garage can be your studio and springboard into entrepreneurship, that's something to get excited about. We are small, but have been rockin' to this beat for over 7 years now. Whether at festivals, farm markets, or online we're here to serve, and to have some fun while we do it. 

Covid 19 Update -  With a major slow down in outdoor markets and festivals, we felt like now was the perfect time perfect our online retail game.   Life has brought some challenges, but we are here to safely keep aiming this business in the right direction. Be well, stay healthy, and wear your masks!

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